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General rules
1. SIA "VLC Group", (hereinafter the Seller), legal address: Ogres nov., Ogre, Ausekļa prospekts 10 - 4, LV-5001, Latvia, the product purchased in the stores (hereinafter - the Product) is ensured to comply with the terms of the contract provided by law ( hereinafter - Warranty):
  • If the product is purchased by the Consumer (a natural person who purchases the product for a purpose that is not related to his economic or professional activity), then the Warranty is valid for 24 months (two years) from the date of delivery of the Product in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights.
  • If the Product is purchased by a legal entity (a person who purchases the product for a purpose related to its economic or professional activity) or a natural person who performs economic activity and purchases the Product with the purpose of using it in economic activity, and the Product is not prohibited from being used for economic or professional purposes operation, then the Seller sets a 12-month Warranty from the date of delivery of the Product. This provision does not reduce the manufacturer's warranty period for legal entities, which is provided after 12 months by the manufacturer's or distributor's authorized service center (hereinafter - Service).
2. The consumer's subjective opinion about the product, its characteristics or performance (like, dislike) cannot serve as a basis for considering that the product does not comply with the terms of the contract. For example, you don't like the smell of the perfume, the woolen sweater bites, the product looked different from the computer screen, etc.
3. The product may be subject to a manufacturer's warranty, which may be longer than specified in these terms. When using the warranty provided by the manufacturer, these warranty terms must be followed, as well as the warranty validity and usage conditions defined by the manufacturer.

When is the Warranty valid?
4. Any Warranty is valid only if the Buyer can present a document confirming the transaction (check or delivery note), and the Buyer has used the Product in accordance with the Product's instructions for use and has acted in accordance with the terms of the Warranty.
5. For Products for which the product's user manual or other attached document states that the Product must be installed by a professional, the Warranty is valid if the Buyer can present documents confirming the installation of such Product by a licensed service or a qualified specialist.
6. The consumer can file a claim for a product that does not comply with the contract by submitting a claim application to the Seller within two months from the day he discovered the product's non-compliance with the terms of the contract.
7. A legal entity or an economic operator may apply for a warranty claim within 4 weeks from the day he discovered a defect or damage to the Product.

When is the Warranty void?
8. The warranty does not apply to the accessories included in the Product set (accumulators, batteries, connecting wires, vacuum cleaner bags and brushes, light bulbs, fuses, filters, oils and lubricants, and other components), which are subject to natural wear and tear during operation or which are periodically replaced provided for in the terms of use or reasonably expected, taking into account the normal functionality of the goods (for example, replacement of vacuum cleaner bags, replacement of mowing blades or cord).
9. The warranty is not applicable in cases where the damage or defect of the Product is due to the following reasons:

    • The product was not used for the purposes intended by the manufacturer;
    • the expiration date indicated on the packaging of the Product or the label attached to the Product has expired;
    • Natural wear and tear has occurred (for example, battery life, batteries, tire wear, wear of shoes, gloves and other clothing, wear of filters, etc.);
    • Nonconformities are caused by improper installation, assembly, or installation;
    • The reason for the non-compliance is insufficient preparation of the Product for work or operation (including mechanical damage), failure to comply with the instructions of the Product Manufacturer in the instructions for the Product or the description of the Product;
    • Damage due to falls, unless the Product Manufacturer specifically states that the Product is drop resistant;
    • Unauthorized repairs were carried out (for example, opening the case, disassembling parts of the Product, mechanisms, etc.) that were not intended to be performed in the daily operation of the Product, and were carried out by a person not a representative of the Service;
    • Damage to the warranty seal or serial number of the manufacturer of the Product is detected;
    • Use of non-standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts, as well as raw materials (cartridges, toners, etc.) not certified by the manufacturer for use with the specified Product, and if this results in damage to this Product. product;
    • Pirated or inappropriate software was used (in computer equipment or mobile phones);
    • Regular maintenance was not carried out (for products requiring it);
    • The worn-out elements were not replaced in a timely manner, which led to further damage to the Goods;
    • The product was exposed to environmental influences not provided for in the instructions (unsuitable temperature, humidity, natural elements - lightning, fire, flood, etc., as well as foreign objects entering its parts - liquids, insects, etc.);
    • The Product was used for business or professional activities, but such use of the Product is not indicated in the instructions or description of the Product;
    • The Product was used after the defect or damage was discovered and the use of such Product resulted in further defects or damage;
    • The product has been modified in any way (for example, clothing has been altered, furniture has been repainted, furniture fabric has been reupholstered, etc., any modifications)

    10. In cases where the Product is installed, installed, laid out and, without the consent of the Seller or a Service representative, dismantled before diagnostics are carried out, and the cause of the Product malfunction cannot be determined, the Seller assumes that the cause of the defect is incorrect installation, installation of the Product, installation or use, and the Warranty will be void.

    11. In cases where, as a result of diagnostics, it is established that defects in the Product are not covered by the Warranty, the Service may require the Buyer to pay the costs of diagnostics in accordance with the price list of the Service. Service.

    Procedure for delivery of goods for non-conformity assessment

    12. Assessment of product compliance with the contract, diagnostics and repair of goods are carried out through the Service in Latvia and abroad. If the Service is located outside of Latvia, the Seller ensures delivery of the Product from the store to the Service and back.

    13. Goods acceptance points to which the Buyer is obliged to deliver the Goods:

    • The service, if it is located in the territory of Latvia;
    • VLC.LV store on Firsa Sadovnikova street 21

    14. If the Goods are large or heavier than 10 kg, but lighter than 20 kg, the Goods can be delivered to the Service or the Seller via Latvian Post - to the Buyer at the Seller’s expense.

    15. If the Goods are large or heavier than 20 kg, delivery of the Goods to the Service or to the Seller is carried out as agreed with the Seller - Buyer at the Seller’s expense.

    16. If it is impossible to deliver the Goods to one of the stores or the Seller’s Service for objective reasons (the Goods are installed, built-in, laid, etc.), the Parties agree on the procedure for carrying out diagnostics.

    Receipt/transfer of goods in the Service or in the store

    17. In case of damage to the Goods, we recommend delivering the Goods directly to the Service, as this significantly reduces the time for assessing and repairing damage;

    18. Before transferring computer equipment or mobile phones to the Service or the Seller, take care to preserve the data contained therein by creating a backup copy, since the data may be irretrievably lost during diagnostics or repairs;

    19. Personal data, SIM cards or memory cards of the Buyer or other persons should not be located in devices transferred to the Seller or the Service. The seller is not responsible and does not cover the costs of restoring and restoring information contained in the transferred equipment, and also does not ensure or guarantee the protection of data of individuals;

    20. When transferring the Goods to the Seller or Service, the Goods must:

    • Clean (for example, the lawn mower must be cleared of grass residues) so that a service technician can diagnose the Product without additional work. Otherwise, the Service may bill the Buyer for cleaning the Goods according to its price list;
    • In full packaging, which is an integral part of the assessment of product non-conformity. Incomplete assembly of the Goods may serve as grounds for refusal to accept the Goods;
    • Packaged, which allows you to safely deliver the goods to the Service, reducing the likelihood of visual and mechanical damage.

    21. When transferring the Goods to the Seller, the Certificate of Acceptance/Deliverance of the Goods is filled out and signed on both sides, which indicates information about the Goods, its configuration and external condition at the time of its transfer, as well as an accurate description of the defect of the goods and/or its manifestations.

    Non-compliance conditions

    22. The Seller undertakes to eliminate the non-conformity of the Product or provide another solution as soon as possible, but not more than 30 days if the Service is located in Latvia, or 45 days if the Warranty is serviced in the Service outside Latvia.

    23. If the Product Service detects manufacturing inconsistencies, they are eliminated (the Product is repaired) without compensation.

    24. If the discrepancy with the Product cannot be eliminated or it is disproportionate, the Buyer has the right to demand an exchange of the Product for the same product or another product from the range of products available in the Seller’s stores, additional payment of the difference in price, if any.

    25. If the Buyer decides to replace the Product, the Warranty for the new Product is valid from the date of delivery of the old Product, extending it for a period equal to the number of days when the Seller accepted the Product from the Buyer. before the day the Seller sends the Buyer notification of receipt of the Goods.

    26. If it is not possible to eliminate the non-compliance of the Goods with the terms of the contract, and the Buyer does not decide to exchange the goods, the Buyer has the right to demand a refund of the amount paid for the Goods. In this case, the Seller, when calculating the amount of money to be returned, in accordance with part five of Article 28 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, may take into account the wear and tear of the Goods or the benefit that the Buyer received. received from using the Product.

    27. The Buyer is obliged to pick up the Goods from the Seller within 14 (fourteen) days, counting from the day the Buyer receives notification of receipt of the Goods. From the 15th (fifteenth) day the Seller has the right to charge a fee for storage of the Goods in the amount of 1 (one) euro for each day of storage. The Seller and the Buyer can agree on another, specific day for receiving the Goods, then no storage fee will be charged from the 15th to the specified day.

    28. After 3 months from the date the Buyer receives notification of receipt of the Goods, the Seller takes possession of the Goods and disposes of them. The costs of disposal of the goods, if any, must be paid by the Buyer at the request of the Seller.